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Price Increases


I mentioned a few posts ago that my Children’s Teepees will be going up in price soon.  I’m not too happy about it but it is a necessary evil.  And not only is it my Teepees increasing in price, it will be everything.  And some product lines will also be discontinued. So if you want it, you […]



With market day looming closer I thought I’d start thinking of some ideas on home to “pretty up” my stall.  I thought of the usual bunting and was even going to make some square flag bunting but then I saw a cute string of flowers and a tutorial to go with it. I got to […]

To display my cards when I go to a workshop I decided I wanted to put them on a notice board.  But I didn’t want to have just an ugly old cork pin board so I prettied it up and this is what I ended up with. I bought a $5 cork pin board from […]

I have had a request for the pattern for these love birds so here it is Cut the pieces out along the solid line.  The top of the head and side are cut from patterned material and the breast is from a contrasting plain fabric (I used calico). Sew the pieces together with wrong sides […]

Falling in Love


I first saw these love birds on the Etsy Website by CottonBirdDesigns and fell in love instantly. They are absolutely addorable and then I saw the price. They would be worth that much because they are made of lace and other fancy fabrics but I thought I’d try making some myself and this is […]

Sad Teddies


This is a cute bear that is so easy to make and looks fantastic. Amazingly it is made from a pre-loved cloth nappy and stuffing from an old pillow. Of course you could use a brand new towel or cloth nappy with new stuffing as well. He started out white and then I tea dyed […]