Workshop Display Board


To display my cards when I go to a workshop I decided I wanted to put them on a notice board.  But I didn’t want to have just an ugly old cork pin board so I prettied it up and this is what I ended up with.




I bought a $5 cork pin board from bunnings and then I have used a beautiful blue paisley print fabric for the background and just tucked it under the timber edging.  I then stretched whisper white grosgrain ribbon across it so that I can tuck my creations under the ribbon or clip them to it instead of pinning them and damaging them.  I tucked the ribbon under the edging too and secured it with staples where it tucks under.  I put a light wash of white paint around the frame to soften the timber to help it blend with the white ribbon and fabric.

I think it’s very beautiful and I hope it works well.  I just want to buy some cute clips or even little pegs to attach my cards with.  I’ll show you all what it looks like when it has the cards attached.


2 Responses to “Workshop Display Board”

  1. 1 Kelly

    Very nice Amy! I look forward to seeing it with the cute clips!

  2. 2 Bev

    As i type I am making a noticeboard but it is not as easy as you make it look or sound! My ribbon WILL NOT stay in place!
    Yours is gorgeous by the way. Love the pretty fabric!

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