Love Bird Pattern


I have had a request for the pattern for these love birds so here it is



  • Cut the pieces out along the solid line.  The top of the head and side are cut from patterned material and the breast is from a contrasting plain fabric (I used calico).
  • Sew the pieces together with wrong sides facing each other as you want the seams to be on the outside.  I used a dark thread so that it would be visible and give it more character.
  • Sew the top of the head to one side of the head joining point A on both pieces and ending at point C and repeat for the other side.
  • Sew the breast to one side of the body starting at point A and finishing at point B.  Repeat for the other side.
  • Sew from point B up to the tip of the tail leaving the thread attached.  Do not cut it off yet. 
  • Stuff the bird through the opening on the back. Once it is stuffed to your liking, continue sewing from the tail along the back and finish at point C.  If you’ve done it right you should have a completed body.
  • Add the details like eyes and legs.  For the eyes I have just stitched colonial knots and the legs I have made using florists wire.  For the male bird I did the waistcoat detail before I started sewing the body together and then it was just sewn together like normal.

I hope that you give it a go and send me some photos of your completed birds.  You can email me at if you need more help or want to share your work.  Good Luck


3 Responses to “Love Bird Pattern”

  1. 1 Roseann

    thank you for sharing the pattern.. I didn’t find anyone else who would do that.. Thanks

    • 2 Amy

      I’m happy to share my pattern. I hope you enjoy making your own lovebirds 🙂 Amy.

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