Christmas Garlands


These garlands are super cute and super easy to make. Cut out card or paper shapes with punches and dies, then run them through a sewing machine.


I punched the circles first with this one and then punched the stars from the middle of the large circles.

The are light-weight so all you need is a blob of blu-tac on either end to hold them on the wall  it makes these a great decoration if you don’t want to mark your walls with hooks or spend money on those removable sticky hooks.


Don’t have a sewing machine? Fold a paper doily over a piece of string and peg a star onto the doily. You could even just glue the star on if you don’t have any of these tiny pegs hanging around. So simple and a great craft idea to make today with the kids.

Happy crafting 😀


2 Responses to “Christmas Garlands”

  1. So pretty 😊

    • 2 Amy

      Thanks. I loved making these. Did you give them a go for Christmas? You could easily turn them into valentines decorations. Ohhhh. Now I have an idea…..

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