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Price Increases


I mentioned a few posts ago that my Children’s Teepees will be going up in price soon.  I’m not too happy about it but it is a necessary evil.  And not only is it my Teepees increasing in price, it will be everything.  And some product lines will also be discontinued. So if you want it, you […]


Over on my Facebook, at “Be Creative With Amy“, I’m getting closer to 300 people “liking” my page.  Once I get to 300 I’ll be giving away this sweet sad teddy and a beautiful set of Christmas cards. If you want to be in the draw to win this GIVE AWAY then you just need […]

This little guy just found a new home.  He’s headed to Western Australia.  I’m sure his new home will change him from a “Sad Teddy” to a happy teddy.  If you’d like to make one of my Sad Teddies happy contact me at

Sad Teddy Class


I’ve been asked recently if I do teddy making classes. So with a few people putting up their hand to attend I’m going ahead and scheduling my first class. ________________________________________ Sad Teddy Class Thursday 24th June 10am-1pm $25 for the first class (which includes all materials) and $10 for additional classes if needed If you […]

As I’m preparing to go to Mathilda’s Market I’m getting a few things organised and I’ve made some clothes for my teddies.  They will actually be on my Avery Rabbits but I have none at the moment.  That is my next job.  So for the moment my Sad Teddies are no longer sad as they […]