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Price Increases


I mentioned a few posts ago that my Children’s Teepees will be going up in price soon.  I’m not too happy about it but it is a necessary evil.  And not only is it my Teepees increasing in price, it will be everything.  And some product lines will also be discontinued. So if you want it, you […]

Still So Cute


I’m still in love with the new little Best Friend Bunny I made the other day and now that my camera is back in action here are the pics. Look how tiny she is.  She is only 14cm tall.  So cute. She’s just the perfect size for little children.  This is my hand (how embarrassing) […]

So Cute


I just made the cutest Best Friend Bunny ever!  I haven’t got any photos yet as the camera batteries are dead 😦  But I just had to let you all know.  And I’ll the photos ASAP. It is part of the prize from the ‘200 “likes” give away” on my facebook page. This is the […]

I’ve had a page on facebook for a while for Be Creative With Amy but haven’t done a lot with it. However I’ve now decided that I’m going to keep it up to date with my blog as a way of letting you all know that I’ve added something to my Project Blog. To get […]