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I had another request for a blog recently and the blog’s name is Stamping Elephants.  I love that name.  It is so cute.  As soon as I read the name I new I had to use the very cute elephant from the Nursery Necessities set in the header some how.  The customer loved my first […]

Well I probably shouldn’t say one ‘little’ teepee as it is huge!  It stands just over 2 meters tall and it is awesome.  I love it and can’t wait to see my daughter’s expression when she wakes up and sees this ‘giant’ in the lounge room.   Now I just have to hide it somewhere […]

New Toys!


It’s been so long since I put a card up to show you all so I made myself sit down today and take time out of house cleaning to do this.  I know it’s such a chore to do stamping but I just made myself do it anyway 🙂 ha ha.  I bought a few […]

Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, only 10 days away,  I thought I’d do a mini card making class.  We’ll make 4 different Father’s Day cards on Thursday 3rd September at 10am.  The cost will be $15 and will include all materials to make the cards and envelopes to match. If you’re interested […]

Nearly Finished


Just thought I’d pop in and say my Teepee is nearly finished.   All the sewing is done I just need the bamboo poles to finish it off and then I’ll take some photos to show you. I can’t wait to give it to my daughter for her birthday.  She is going to love it!

Teepee Fun


That is the question at the moment.  I want to stamp and sew and can’t choose which one to do first! At the moment I am working on a birthday present for my nearly 6 year old daughter.   I am making her a teepee.  My sister first had the idea and made this one […]

This flower is just adorable.  It was brought to my attention recently in the idea book and catalogue on page 34.  I just love making little fiddly things and this seemed to fit that category well. Once I started making it however I realized it wasn’t fiddly and that it was infact very easy.  You […]

Paper Tole


I have a confession to make, I secretly love paper tole.  Paper Tole is the technique of layering multiple copies of an image together to form a 3 dimensional version of the picture.  Sometimes it can be a bit cluttered and too grandma-ish (no offense to any Grandma’s reading this) but the time and skill […]

Get Whale Soon


This is another card for someone special.  It needed to be bright and cheery as the illness is not 😦 I haven’t really used these colours before as I’m not a ‘bright colours’ person.  But I think this card look greats.  I don’t even have the inks to match but Not Quite Navy has worked […]

I thought that it would be a great idea to share with you a blog tutorial about how to brighten your photos.  When I discovered this I realized how easy it is to make your photos look so much more appealing. A lot of the time photos can look grey and dull but by doing a […]