Brighten your day


I thought that it would be a great idea to share with you a blog tutorial about how to brighten your photos.  When I discovered this I realized how easy it is to make your photos look so much more appealing.

A lot of the time photos can look grey and dull but by doing a little bit of editing they can look brighter and much more exciting.  Make sure you check this site out because you can take a photo from this……..

Always Cheep Talk 3

……… this in less than a minute.

Always Cheep Talk 3 white

It’s really worth doing it.  Since learning how to do this I do this for all my photos.  If you were to go back through my blog you would notice a difference in my pictures and could probably pin point exactly when I started doing it.  Why not try it out and see the difference for yourselves.


One Response to “Brighten your day”

  1. 1 stampitwithsarah

    I’ve been meaning to try this … never enough time in the day.

    Nice card BTW!

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