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Well, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been missing from my blog over the past couple of weeks.  I’m hoping to change that and keep you more up to date with the world of “Amy’s Creative Designs”. This week I have been busily making a whole family of Avery Rabbits.  I’ve made 10 of these beautiful […]

Avery Rabbits


Woo Hoo!  I’ve got some finished Avery Rabbits to show you.  There are six here that are now just waiting for a home.  Hopefully someone will see them when I take them to the market and will just have to take one home. I think I love them all and I’m not sure that I […]

One down…..


………..and nine more to go! This is a new style of Avery Rabbit that I am making now.  They are made of different fabric and they have clothes.  This one is rather business like with his tie on.  I’ll be making another nine or so to take to the market with me and I’ll make […]

This little guy just found a new home.  He’s headed to Western Australia.  I’m sure his new home will change him from a “Sad Teddy” to a happy teddy.  If you’d like to make one of my Sad Teddies happy contact me at

Sad Teddy Class


I’ve been asked recently if I do teddy making classes. So with a few people putting up their hand to attend I’m going ahead and scheduling my first class. ________________________________________ Sad Teddy Class Thursday 24th June 10am-1pm $25 for the first class (which includes all materials) and $10 for additional classes if needed If you […]

As I’m preparing to go to Mathilda’s Market I’m getting a few things organised and I’ve made some clothes for my teddies.  They will actually be on my Avery Rabbits but I have none at the moment.  That is my next job.  So for the moment my Sad Teddies are no longer sad as they […]