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Well, it’s done!  I have finished my new website / blog for Now just to tie up a few loose ends on this blog and my Teepee information will all be in the one place.  And with a few clicks of your mouse you can even order your very own Henry’s House Teepee. Head over […]


Girls Teepee


This is the girls teepee that was on display at Billy Angel. I say “was” on display because it has already been sold!  And the boys teepee too.  Both sold the first day 🙂  Yippee.  Now to make two more. I’ve decided that this style is going to be my standard teepee style:  Denim doors […]

Want to buy this teepee?  Click on the Buy Now button below and make it yours. For more details about Large Teepees visit my “Teepee” page or you can send an email to or phone me on 0429 161 583

So here is another reason why I’ve been missing from my blog.  I’ve been busy making teepees, and I’m in the process of making a brochure with instructions on how to care for your teepee.  It will include how to remove the poles so you can clean the material and then re-thread the string to […]