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My daughter came out with a long cardboard tube and decided it was going to be her horse.  She promptly set about making little paper ears and drawing on eyes, nostrils and hair.  This was enough to kick me into gear.  I’ve been meaning to make hobby horses for the kids for a while now and have even had a pattern saved somewhere on my computer for months.  And after seeing these gorgeous Calamity Bolt horses I just had to do it.

Horse made by Calamity Bolt

I wish mine were as good as those from Calamity Bolt but I don’t think the kids mind.  My daughter loves her pony named Blueberry (because it has lots of blue on it), and said to me when I was hand sewing on Blueberry’s eyes “Be careful mum.  Don’t hurt her.” and then learnt over and whispered into Blueberry’s ear, “It’s ok.  Mummy won’t hurt you”.  I thought how sweet.  And then was immediately thankful that it wasn’t a real horse as I stuck the needle straight through the poor things eye to sew it on.  Phew.

The two boys had to have their own as well.  So Flame, the red head, and Bolt, with the navy mane, were created.  I just have to finish hand sewing on the ears and eyes.  Why didn’t I sew them on with my machine before I assembled them?  That would have been sooo much easier!  And I think they need a hair cut.  They look all shaggy.

This is the original pattern that I had from Lincraft – “Hobby Horse Pattern“.  Although I did change it to make the neck longer and more upright like the Calamity Bolt horses.  And the ears are a different shape as well as the eyes.  Not sure if I left anything the same now I think about it. Oh well.  Have a look at it and give it a go.  Or you can head over to Calamity Bolt and buy one of their beautiful horses.  So lovely!


3 Responses to “Hobby Horses”

  1. 1 Tara - Cassalily Handcrafted Hair Accessories

    Hi there Amy, well done on another awesome creation! They are fantastic. 🙂

  2. 2 Bec Davis

    I love looking at your webpage. You are very talented and creative and such a good Mum!

    • 3 Amy

      Thanks Bec. The same goes for you too 🙂

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