Easter Fun


With Easter this weekend I thought I’d do some craft activities with the kids.  Today we made Easter eggs.  We used real eggs (boiled), drew patterns on them with wax crayons and then dipped them in food colouring.  The kids loved dipping them in taking them out, drawing on them again and dipping again.  Some got dipped quite a few times and turned out like the little “black bunny” egg in the middle and others just once and kept a nice clean colour like the red.

Each time we took the eggs out of the food colouring, we placed them on paper towel.  This made some really interesting patterns and colours.  This then became the next activity.

It was interesting to see that as some colours spread, they separated into multiple colours.  The blue separated into blue with a green ring around it and the red had a yellow ring around it.  The kids loved it and even though it looks messy, not one drop was spilled on the bench.  What great kids 🙂


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