Some Changes


Well, with my Teepees being such a success over the last few months I have decided to set up a few things to make my Teepees into more of a “real” business.  With help from a few of my sisters, I now have a new name for my teepee business and will soon have a new website where you can see more about them and what is for sale etc.  As I am doing all of the website setup myself, and the designing of logos and business cards and all that cool stuff, it may take a little while so you’ll just have to hold tight while I get it all sorted out.  But hopefully it will all be ready to go within the next few weeks.

So are you ready to see my new logo for my new business?  Here it is:

Why “Henry’s House” as a name?  Well to start with, it’s cute 😉 but also because my eldest son is Henry and Teepees are “houses” for the little people in our lives.  So “Henry’s House” it is.

As I said, I’ll be busy designing and setting up all the new things to go with my new name over the next few weeks.  Plus I will be attending another market on Thurs 10th Feb at Kawana on the Sunshine Coast.  So I really need to get it all organised by then.  I’m so excited and can’t wait until I’ve finished it all.

What do you think of the new name and logo?  Do you like it?  Does it make you want to buy a Teepee?  I’d love to hear what you think.

Oh, and can you see I’ve put it in the sidebar already?  I’ll slowly be making changes all over the place to incorporate my new name.  Yay.  It’s exciting.

4 Responses to “Some Changes”

  1. 1 Aliessa

    Good on you Amy!! It’s all FANTASTIC! I love your name and the logo is very you and cute! How does Henry feel? Super special I bet! I was really excited to see the photos of your teepees in the shop windows! Congratulations, I’m super excited for you!

    • 2 becreativewithamy

      Thanks Aliessa. It’s all going well and Henry does feel super special. And now he finally has his own teepee. He’s the last one of my three kids to get one. So super, super excited that he has his name “up in lights” and his own teepee to match.

  2. yes, yes and YES!!!!! Love the name, so DESPERATELY want one of your tepee’s (and an Avery Rabbit!!!! and prob some Amy cards thrown in there to boot! You are JUST AMAZING!!! INCREDIBLE!!!! A SUPER STAR!!!!! So inspiring Amy – GOOD LUCK with it all – I hope you can keep up with your success! 🙂 xxx

    • 4 becreativewithamy

      Thanks Adele. You always know how to make me feel good 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

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