Qld Flood Appeal Auction


Those living in Australia no doubt know about the devastating floods that are affecting the state of Queensland.  You may not know however that I live in the Brisbane area and it’s just been horrible to watch the flooding (on the TV) occurring in the city only 40 minutes from my home.

The events that have taken place over the last few days have just been unthinkable.  A town on top of a mountain range hit with a flash flood that then tore down the mountain taking houses with it and horrifically, people too.  It’s being called an inland tsunami.  I can’t image how the people in these areas feel and what is going through their minds.  An event that could not have been predicted!

As I watched the events unfold through television reports I found myself in tears constantly.  The stories being told by the survivors of those that weren’t so lucky and seeing the heartache on the faces.  At this stage there are 15 people that have died and still 61 more that are missing.  I’m still crying!

But there are also stories from survivors about miraculous rescues and how they got out.  And the residents of Brisbane getting out before the water reached them and just having to step back and watch their houses be engulfed by the rising river and losing everything they own.

And even the the shopping center and homes near me were flooded due to local downpours and flash flooding totally unrelated to the events of the Brisbane river.

These people of Brisbane and all over the state of Queensland affected by the massive amount of flooding need our help.  And to start helping I have joined the

set up by Toni at Make it Perfect.  Crafters in the blogging community are joining together to auction their creations to raise money for the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. All monies from these auctions will go directly to the fund.

The full list of over 130 auction sites (and growing) will be available on Toni’s site, Make it Perfect, on Sunday 16th.  The auctions will all be live on Monday but may start before hand.  Mine will start now and this is what I will be auctioning. Just click on the image to take you to the Auction post:

The lovely Miss Chocolate Avery Rabbit:

And the fun Large Children’s Teepee in Purple:

Details on bidding and payment will all be on the Auction posts.

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