Market Time


Just before Christmas Mamma’s Market had their first ever market on the Sunshine Coast in Buderim.  I was one of the lucky ones that got to be part of it and what made me even luckier was being right in the entrance way with a beautiful position near lots of windows with a breeze coming through.  It was really hot so I was super lucky there.

It was lovely to be there and there were so many visitors to the market it was hard to keep up with them all.  The stream was steady all day!

Here is a pic of my stall before the crowds arrived.

I was there on my own so I didn’t get a chance to wander much.  Only a few minutes when a friend popped in and sat in for me.  But there was just too much for me to see in such a brief time that I missed so many.  Good thing Mamma’s Market has a facebook page where each stall holder has a photo album and links page to their own sites.  So well organised.

Thanks Vanessa and Amy for making it a great day!

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