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Not sure if I already mentioned this, but I was contacted by a member of the Just Jeans marketing company to make two teepees for them to have in the display window of two of their stores.  One in Sydney and the other in Melbourne.  They needed a custom order that was a bit different to the normal style that would fit in with their new theme of “Desert Dream”.  So after a little bit of adjustment, I came up with this:

Doesn’t it look great in the shop window display?  It fits the theme perfectly!

Does this mean I’m kind of famous??  ha ha


8 Responses to “Exciting News”

  1. 1 A Little Less Useless

    WOW Amy that is sooo cool. Hopefully lots of people will spot your teepees and want one of their own.
    Well done

  2. Totally famous! Love it!

  3. Congratulations!! It looks fabulous!

  4. Congrats Amy! That’s wonderful!

  5. 5 Brie

    That’s so awesome! It looks great!

  6. Mega famous now Amy. It looks so very good. I can only imagine the warmth it creates as kids walk by and imagine themselves playing in it….and perhaps wish for one of their own!! Well done.

  7. THAT IS A LITTLE RIPPA!! You ROCK! I know someone famous now!! May I have my photo taken with you?? Can you sign it?? I hope you dont forget the little people in you life like me!!

  8. 8 Kris Haynes

    Well done Amy!

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