Just yesterday I made a logo / label for Jungle Monkey Kids (this was something that was already in the pipeline before I made my decision to focus on other creative areas).  I’ve never designed a logo / label before.  And this is how it turned out.  What do you think?


11 Responses to “Monkeys”

  1. 1 lyndal

    this is really cute!

  2. Love it. Wks v v well. Ur so clever Amy.

  3. 3 stampingelephants

    Great job Amy. U have a talent.

  4. Love it! So gorgeous!

  5. Totally gorgeous!

  6. 6 Brie

    It’s awesome I’d buy something from them just because of the logo ^_^

    • Funny your should say that Brie…thats exactly what you need your logo to do and as soon as I saw it I knew it was finally (after much searching) PERFECT!

      • 8 becreativewithamy

        Thanks. I’m so glad you think it’s perfect. Can’t wait to see the “finished product”. And good luck with your business!

  7. 9 Gardenia

    This is gorgeous Amy. When Emma showed me I was so happy for her!!! You have done an awesome job. Its so cute!!!! Jungle Monkey Kids is an awesome Kids brand. I love their clothes and buy so much from Emma now, I know its great quality and unique and you have showcased that in the logo so well. 🙂

  8. I love it….Just so simple and cute, Amy did me a big favour by doing this for me and I’m just so happy with the result!

    I cant thank Amy enough!!

  9. 11 becreativewithamy

    Thank you everyone. I work really hard to get it right and I’m just so pleased when the “customer” thinks it’s perfect.

    And it helps that you all think it’s great too.


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