Girls Teepee


This is the girls teepee that was on display at Billy Angel.

I say “was” on display because it has already been sold!  And the boys teepee too.  Both sold the first day 🙂  Yippee.  Now to make two more.

I’ve decided that this style is going to be my standard teepee style:  Denim doors with spotty trims.  I already have a red with white spot for boys and now this pink with white spots for girls.  If you have a different colour you like, let me know I’ll put it together for you.  I have a cute blue/aqua that is going to be my next teepee.  Cute for boys or girls.  Hopefully I’ll find the time this coming week to make it.

And also just to let you know quickly, I’ll be increasing my prices for my teepees on November 1st.  I love making them and take pride in each one.  However, there is just so much time that goes into each one that needs to be accounted for.   I hope you all understand.  And if you’ve had your eye on one of my teepees, make sure you put your order in now before the price rise in November!

One Response to “Girls Teepee”

  1. 1 lyndal

    That is totally awesome amy. Marty and I both think that you are super talented and its great that other people do too.

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