New Teepees


I was so thrilled to get some orders for teepees from my day at Mathilda’s Market.  But the thrill continued today as I got to go out and buy some more fabrics to make them.  I’ve sent off the choices to the customers to see if they are what they want their teepees to look like.

I love these combinations and if they don’t like them then I will be making them into teepees anyway!  If you want one made using any of these fabrics just send me an email at

2 Responses to “New Teepees”

  1. GORGEOUS Amy!! How exciting to be able to make your GORGEOUS tee-pee’s using such BEAUTIFUL fabric! I want one!!! Very bad!!!! xxx

    • 2 becreativewithamy

      All it takes is for you to say “Amy, make me one” and it will be done 🙂

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