Mathilda’s Market was such an amazing experience!  The fact that I had my own stall there was an added bonus.  The variety and quality of products that were there was just incredible. I was a little daunted at first thinking “how did I get here?”  I felt so ‘little’ compared to some of the gorgeous stalls around me.

This was really the first step into a niche market that is just perfect for my products.  The kids loved my teepees and they were all so well behaved.  I was expecting them to just go straight in and play but they politely turned to their parents and asked if they were allowed.  What awesome children and parents to be so polite.  Thank you so much for helping to make it a wonderful day.

I took a few photos but it wasn’t until I put them on the computer that I discovered that most of them were a little out of focus.  My friend Deena came along with me to help me out and she took some photos too so I’ll have to see what she has on her camera.  But these are the best of my photos:

I’m so glad Deena came along as she helped me set the stall up.  I don’t know that I could have made it look this beautiful without her.  Thank you Deena!

Now that market day is past, I have to get to work making some teepees.  It felt so awesome to get my first order of the day and from there it just got better.  I love what I do and I just hope that the children will love their teepees as much as I love making them.

It was also lovely to chat with my ‘neighbours’ and get to know them a little.  Everyone was just wonderful.  Even when we were setting up and another stall holder came and we discovered that there was a mix up in where we were supposed to be.  Siobhan from ‘Details Details‘ was just so calm and it all worked out.  By the way I love her products and when I first saw a picture of her stall on the Mathilda’s Market blog I wanted my stall to look just like hers!  I’m glad I went with something different as we were supposed to be side by side and that would have just been dreadfully embarrassing for me 😦

And then there was Mekaela from ‘ruby & belle‘ who had the most beautiful bird cages with little soft birdies inside.  I wanted one so badly but had to control myself or my family wouldn’t have been able to eat for a week because I would have ended up buying them all.

I hope that I can go again next time, in August, and meet more beautiful people and and enjoy the atmosphere that is ‘Mathilda’s Market‘.

8 Responses to “Wow!”

  1. It looks brilliant! Hope you had a great day and sold heaps! Hope you have heaps of orders for teepees too… 🙂

  2. Wow, that is awesome, your stall looked great! Glad to hear that it went well for you! 🙂

  3. Your stall looks fabulous Amy…. well done! Love all your goodies too.

  4. HOW INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! This looks absolutley amazing Amy – I love EVERYTHING – all the little details – the bunting, the little flowers on the corners of your table – I LOVE the basket and card stack thingy and the thing you’ve got your accessories/flowers hanging from??? Did you make them yourself or find them somewhere??? So so awesome – i am so dissapointed I couldn’t be there – played stoopid soccer and lost so I should have just come to the markets! hehehehe Hopefully I can be there next time – looks AMAZING!!!! xxxx

  5. 5 becreativewithamy


    The embellishments stand I made myself. I had an old packing crate outside (been there in the weather for over a year) that I thought would be perfect for the job. And it was. I just cut it down a little painted and added some hook things to hang embellishments on. I really like how it turned out.

    About one and a half hours work and it works a charm. Not to mention it looks good too. Actually it still has dried cement stuck underneath it but no-one sees that. So ssshhhhh 😉

  6. 6 Christy Franklin

    Hey Amy, how do you make those flower embellishments again??

    • 7 becreativewithamy

      I think you asked about the scallop circle flowers if I remember correctly and this is a tutorial from Dawn McVey

  7. So glad it went well for you. It looks fab and you sound so energised and excited. Hope you got lots of orders – for anyone reading this I purchased one of Amy’s teepees for my son and it is adorable and he LOVES it. So portable and fun for him.

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