My sister’s birthday


I mentioned in a previous post that my sisters and I were having a surprise 40th birthday party for our eldest sister.  It was so much fun to be together and chat and just hang out.   When you’re part of a family of 8 sisters that are all married with kids, it’s not often we all get together and even less often when it’s without the loads of kids we have when we’re together.  So this was just nice to sit and be still.

We enjoyed delicious Thai food followed by the best ever cheesecake that one of my sisters makes.  My cheesecake  making sister was the one that got there early to set it all up (and re-arrange half of the house) and it just looked amazing.  And there was even a “party bag” to take home with homemade fudge (made by the same sister).  My only claim on the decorating was the little tags on the fudge bags!

My birthday sister was very surprised and loved it all, as did I.


2 Responses to “My sister’s birthday”

  1. Sounds awesome re: the kidless part!!! And 8 sisters!!! That’s incredible!!!!! The table looks lovely and I have been to the catalogue to decide whether I can survive without embrace life stampset (???) – you’ve made it look so GORGEOUS!!!! xxx

  2. 2 becreativewithamy

    Thanks Adele 🙂

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