On Holiday


If you’ve noticed that I’ve been missing lately it’s because I’m on a family holiday.  We’re in Shell Harbour, about an hour and a half South of Sydney.

We had an interesting road trip down and it will only be more fun on the way back.  I’m sure.  I’ll be back online next week.


3 Responses to “On Holiday”

  1. 1 Sarah

    C’mon Amy – you’ve been back for a few days now – get your act together 😉 I need inspiration!!

  2. 2 becreativewithamy

    I know, I need to but I just want to go back 😦

    I’m busily planning and organising a girls camp for this weekend, helping with the plans for a flash birthday party next weekend and still trying to plan 3 classes for next week!

    But right now I’m paying bills 😦 Can I please go back to the beach?

  3. 3 stampitwithsarah

    I know the feeling – we did 4 days at coolum at the beach and it was nice to just get away from it all … I have my mini launch on Saturday so I’m scrambling to get ready for that.

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