There’s more coming


I never realised how long it takes to make lots of cards.  I’m trying to make as many as possible and it still seems like there isn’t very many 😦  Time is just slipping by.  I guess that happens when you have 3 young children to look after (and a husband) and the house to keep tidy (not that it’s tidy at the moment), plus all the extra stuff that happens.

I don’t have photos of the new cards and embellishments that I’ve made but I’ll try and squeeze in the time tomorrow to take a few photos to put up here.

I still want to make so many things but it just won’t be happening.  I think this trip to the markets will be more of a trial run than anything else.  I don’t know how many things to make or what to make so I’m just going to keep it simple and hope for the best.  I’ll take lots of notes on what sells and what doesn’t so that I can be more prepared next time.  And I’ll start making things a lot earlier than the week before!

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know what’s going on and that I’ll pop in tomorrow if time permits.


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