To Market, To Market….


I showed you my finished jar of hair ties yesterday and said told you how that was my donation to the School’s Centenary Celebrations because I couldn’t be there in person.  This post is to tell you why I can’t be there; I’m going to the markets!

Saturday this week, 27th March, I’ll be at the Southbank Markets in Brisbane.  I’ve still got a long way to go to be ready but I do have some things prepared.  I’ll be taking my teepees and some of the bunnies, rabbits and teddies that I make and hopefully lots of cards too.

I made a few embellishment packs today and I’ll be making more during the week to add to them.  I may only have four so far but I think they are just too cute.

I’m amazed at how they turned out and how professional they look in their little bags.  I think they look pretty fantastic!

What do you think?  Would you buy them if you were visiting the markets?


15 Responses to “To Market, To Market….”

  1. 1 Donna Zammit

    These are so cute. I would buy them if I came to the market! I live in Melbourne so it’s just a tad too far. Good luck with the market, I hope you get lots of sales!!!!Cheers Donna Zammit

    • 2 becreativewithamy

      Thanks Donna. I hope I get lots of sales too 😉

  2. 3 branicinoz

    Those look awesome Amy! Do you have some adhesive on the back? Like a dimensionals? I think that would be fantastic!

    • 4 becreativewithamy

      Thanks Nicole. I do have a dimensional (double sided mounting tape) on the back. I left the backing on it and stuck it onto the card with crystal effects. This way they just take it off the card and use it as is. My way of making them “self adhesive”.

  3. Very Very Professional, nice work! Good luck at the Markets. I really wanted to get into the Markets but Every weekend is just too much. Anyway have fun and I hope you get lots of sales.

  4. wow Amy! They look great! Good luck with it – you’re going to be busy until Saturday I’m sure!

  5. Wow – these look awesome! Love to hear about how you go!

  6. 8 Adele Francis

    so SOOO professional Amy!!! They look amazing!!!! And I would definitley be there to come and support but we’re running a class that night!?!?! Have fun though won’t you…and make sure you show us ALL the things you’re making to sell. These are just too gorgeous Amy – I LOVE your business name too by the way – don’t go changing it!!! xxx

  7. 9 Aliessa

    Oh Amy! They are GORGEOUS!! I would buy them at a market, and they really do look so professional. I really admire your drive, good on you!! good luck on Saturday, hope it goes really really well!!

  8. Oooh Amy these are divine. I’m sure they’ll be a hit. Beautifully packaged too. Best of luck.

  9. They do look professional – and soooo pretty! Good luck with the markets, I’m sure you’ll do well!

  10. 12 Samantha I

    These look amazing Amy. Very professional! Good luck at South Bank!

  11. WOW, these look stunning Amy. I came across your blog after following a blog hop and have been amazed by your creations. I hope you do well at the market.

  12. 14 Auntie Duck

    Amy, aren’t you a clever little button. I thought they were something you had bought at the shop. fantastic! All the best at the markets.

  13. Oh these look great, I soooo definately would buy them if I was able to attend the markets…Good luck I imagine you will have orders 🙂

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