Birthday Card Class – for the Girls


I’m slowly getting more organised and I have discovered the top of my desk again after it has been hidden from view by the mounds of debris that have been gathering there.  I sat down today and made some cards that we will make for my next class.  Here is a sneak peek at one of them.

The class will be making Birthday Cards for Girls / Women and is on Thursday 25th February at 10am in Narangba.  For more details go to my specials & classes page and you can contact me on

phone: 0429 161 583,

or email:

I know it’s only a week away but I hope that you will be able to make it as it will be worth it!


One Response to “Birthday Card Class – for the Girls”

  1. 1 Adele Francis

    what a tease!!! This card looks amazing and I SOOO want to see the rest of it!!!! hehehehe – one day I will be able to make it to one of your classes!!!! One day…..:)

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