YoYo Hair Ties


Our children’s school is celebrating it’s centenary this year and they are having a carnival at the end of March.  There was a notice asking for donations for hair ties etc for a guessing jar game.  You know the ones where there is a jar full of jelly beans and whoever guesses how many is in there wins the whole jar.  But this one will be full of hair ties / head bands and whatever else I feel like including.

I will be making enough to fill the jar and one lucky winner will get the lot.  So far in two days I’ve had enough time to make one.  I think I may need to step up the pace if I’m going to make enough before the end of March 😉  Here it is:

I’ve made two yoyo flowers in different fabrics and sizes and finished it off with a button for the centre and attached it to the hair tie.  I think it looks pretty groovy.  And you may notice that the green patterned fabric is a little familiar.  It’s just the scraps from the New Teepee I’m making.  So this can be a very inexpensive way to make your own head turning hair ties.


3 Responses to “YoYo Hair Ties”

  1. These are gorgeous Amy! I’d pay you to make some for me!! What a fabulous use of scraps!
    Steph X

  2. 2 Patrice

    Gorgeous! Love the bright girly colours.

  3. 3 becreativewithamy

    Thanks for the comments. I like them too 🙂

    Not sure if I want to go down the hair tie business path but I have recently finished a blog setup for a Hair Accessories Business called Cassalily. The link is in my sidebar under sites I visit. She has some really cute stuff that she sells.

    So you can go and check it out if you’re interested.

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