Hard Times for my family


Apart from my Sale-A-Bration post (which I scheduled to automatically post) it has been a little quiet around here lately.  The reason for this is that my Mother-in-law passed away last Monday and it’s changed a few things in my life.  She was the best Mother-in-law you could ever wish for and was always there if I needed her.

When she came to visit she would spend hours playing with the children and just doing whatever they wanted.  I don’t know where she found the patience to do this but that is going to be my goal.  I want to be able to spend more time with my children doing the things they want and giving them my undivided attention.

This doesn’t mean that I will be stopping my blog.  But it does mean that I will be more organised and hopefully that will spill over into my blogging and stamping too and I will actually have some regular posts and regular classes available.

It has been a very strange week since she passed away and not entirely sad.  The reason I can say this is because I believe that she is not gone forever but is now in a heavenly place waiting for us to be together again when we too leave this earth.  I truly believe with all my heart that there is a God and He has made this possible and that families can be together forever.  So it is really only a goodbye for a season.  It may be a hard season because she is not with us but it won’t be forever as we will be together again.

It is great to have such a wonderful extended family and to all be together and share the good memories that we have had together.  The funeral was held last Friday and it was a beautiful funeral.  There would have been at least 450 people present who were family and friends and even doctors that she had been seeing.  She was so lovely and positive about life and it just overflowed and started to fill the lives of those around her.

She loved gardening and especially loved giving the roses that grew in her garden to her friends and family for many different reasons.  So for her funeral it was decided that her husband and each of her children and their spouses and her grandchildren would have one of her roses from her garden that they could place on her coffin at the cemetery.

Each rose had a tag on it that we could write a brief message on for her.  It was very touching and the kids especially liked the opportunity to write on there how much they loved her.  I know I loved her dearly and will miss her.  But when the sadness sets in I try to look forward to the time when we can all be together again forever.

3 Responses to “Hard Times for my family”

  1. Amy, I am so saddened and sorry for your loss. Sending you a big bunch of E-HUGS!! I love what you did with the roses. It is so important to say/write what you need to. It can help with closeure and dealing with her passing. Take comfort, warmth and joy in the wonderful and cherished memories that you have of her and share them often. ooxx

  2. Amy, I’m SO very sorry to hear of your loss. Reading your post though I can honestly say that you are dealing with this in such a wonderful and positive way. It’s always such a BEAUTIFUL thing to remember what was truly amazing about those that we lose, and like you said one day we will all be together again.
    Please know that I am thinking of you and sending hugs.

    xx Sarah

  3. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. May God bless you and your family as you work through your grieving.

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