A Working Mess


Just to prove that I have been working hard lately, look at the state of my desk!

I took these photos on Monday night when I was taking shots of my Blog Hop card.  You can see it there on the edge of the desk.  I don’t even know what half the stuff is in these photos.  In fact the pile has grown and I am only just getting around to sorting it out now.

I love to be tidy but I just don’t think that it’s possible to keep my desk clean when I’m doing my stamping.  I guess I could tidy it up each time I’m finished but I just never seem to be finished lately.  I’ll have to call it “organised chaos” until it is back to a respectable state!

4 Responses to “A Working Mess”

  1. You should see my desk Amy! Like you, I’m going from one project to the next in a hurry, and you can see the evidence on my desk! I’ve even spread into other rooms too…oops!

  2. 2 Aliessa

    At least now I know I’m not the only one! My desk has over flowed and was pushing Jackson out of his room (shared space), until I did a tidy up today. I’ve taken over the kitchen table too. It can’t last too much longer though – Christmas is almost here!

  3. My desk is out of control. Not only has my mess taken over the enire desk but it has now spread onto the floor all around that even my husband commented on the messiness!
    Oops, perhaps I had better noit create tonight and tidy instead!

  4. 4 stampitwithsarah

    That’s nothing Amy!!! I think I’d beat you hands down in a mess making competition!

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