Best Friend Bunnies


I’ve made these bunnies before but I haven’t yet listed them for sale.  So here they are.

They come in 3 sizes.  And babies love them.  The small size is perfect for babies, even new borns, to grip in their tiny hands and hold onto.  The medium size is good for toddlers to cuddle and cart around with them and the large size is a great companion for an older child.

Or if you’re anything like me, you’ll want them all to put up on your shelf just for you.

Large is 26cm tall and is $25

Medium is 19cm tall and is $20

Small is 14cm tall and is $15

The Best Friend Bunny pictured is Medium size

3 Responses to “Best Friend Bunnies”

  1. Oh my word. How gorgeous are these little bunnies? Is there anything you can’t do, you incredibly talented woman?

  2. LOL! Thank Heavens for that, I was beginning to think you have supernatural powers!
    (And for the record, I can’t keep mine tidy either. Must be a sign of a creative mind right?)

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