Small Teepee


I’ve actually found a little bit of time to make a smaller teepee.

This time I had to make a boys one as I have a 3yr old boy who loves his sister’s big pink teepee.  I don’t have any good photos yet as I haven’t completely finished it.  I had to take the poles from the large teepee to use in this smaller one and so it’s not all threaded through the top yet.  It’s a little bit wobbly but that doesn’t seem to bother my little man.

Small Teepee-bed

He had to sleep in it the first night and for the 2 nights following he has insisted it’s now his bed.  I’m glad he likes it.  I better finish it so I can have them both set up together so they can have some real fun together.


One Response to “Small Teepee”

  1. 1 Vicky

    Love it!!! They are funny at that age…..


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