My sister strikes again!


Once again my sister has called me to tell me about the fantastic things she wants to make.  One catch; she doesn’t own the stuff to make it.  I do though and so here is what she has so easily tricked me into making.  She seems to always get me to do her dirty work!  Actually I really don’t mind.  In fact I love it and it made my day to have something to create.  I love her ideas and I love to test the boundaries and challenge my creativity.

She saw a card on another site that used  a rectangle of patterned fabric stitched to a plain white card.  Very simple but very effective.  So she thought to ask me what it would look like if you stamped an image onto fabric and then simply stitched it on.  The original design was pastel colours but being my sister of course she loves the more earthy tones and linen fabrics are a favourite.   My fabric supplies have dwindled recently so with not much to choose from and in the 20 minutes I had spare today, this is what I came up with.


I simply cut some fabric slightly larger than I wanted and then ripped a small strip off each side to give it the frayed edge.  Next I stamped the image with Whisper White Craft ink directly to the fabric and then stitched it on using my sewing machine.

These examples are very basic and you could really jazz it up quite easily.  You could layer it up with more cardstock instead of just the plain white background.  You could use thicker thread or even embroidery thread to make it more chunky and ‘earthy’.  A bit of ribbon or twine would also add some more detail and add an extra special touch.  If I get some time I’ll make up some more examples of ‘jazzing it up’.

2 Responses to “My sister strikes again!”

  1. 1 Lynda

    Heck Amy….I think ur sis shd consider herself v v lucky to have you!!! I think they are great and even if they are not what she wants…..she shd appreciate them for what they are….AEWSOME!!!!! The fact that they are simple adds to their beauty. Let HER worry abt jazzing it up and use her supplies…LOL!!!!

  2. 2 becreativewithamy

    Thanks Lynda. I want to jazz them up myself though as I like them and have been meaning to do something like this for a while anyway. I guess my sister and I are just too similar. I see her ideas as more of a kick start than a task to complete 🙂

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