I haven’t fogotten


It has been so long since I’ve put up a creation of mine and I’m starting to get a little anxious about it.  I haven’t forgotten about you all and I so want to share my craftiness with the world but this post is to show you what I have been creating lately…….  A garden!

These flowers are so hardy.  They were taken from a garden to a pot for 3 days and then made it into my garden and they still kept flowering

The  boys from our youth group at church were looking for a service project and asked if we needed any help in the yard.  We jumped at the chance as we haven’t done anything in the ‘garden’ here at our new house.  In fact we didn’t even have any gardens.  The only thing we had done was put down turf so that our house didn’t get washed away in a mud slide!

There was one section along the backside of our house that was still dirt (or mud) that needed to be attended to to make it useable.  They came along on their usual youth group night and got out there with shovels and rakes and levelled it all out ready for a load of gravel to go down.   They did a great job but the gravel was unable to be delivered that afternoon for them to do that night so that job was left to me and my sister-in-law to do the next day.  And what a day that was!

We had a huge dust storm come through and I was out in it all day.  I didn’t even think about the fact that I was breathing it in.  Silly me.  I was a little bit choked up for the next few days from it but ok now.  So I spent all day shovelling 3 cubic meters of gravel along the side of our house.  But that wasn’t all.  I had to put in another post and a couple more timber sleepers as a retaining wall first.  That was tough too as the ground is nearly solid clay and it took so long to dig out.

The last thing to do was to fill in behind the retaining wall with soil and plant a garden.  I have a wonderful Mother in Law and went to visit her through the school holidays with the children and came back with 5 pots full of plants.  You couldn’t even tell where I had taken them from in her garden she has that many.  She is the best.  I’m going to visit again soon and help her separate her bulbs and other clumping plants to help them spread a little more evenly and hopefully flower even more than they currently are.

Anyway, even with my chatter.  After 2 weeks of working on and off at this job it is finally complete.  I think the most exciting part is that I can now use my clothes line.  This may seem a little odd but I actually like hanging clothes on the line and now that it’s not all muddy underneath it I can do it without slipping and sliding and dropping my beautiful white towels in red mud.

So this is what I have been creating lately and some photos of the finished product.

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