Brown Paper Packages


I have been a little busy lately and want to share with you the reason why.  I am one of the leaders of the youth group at the church I attend and the girls (ages 12-17) have a camp this weekend.  It involves a number of different church groups across many suburbs and it is going to be a lot of fun.  The other leaders and I want to make it a great experience for the girls and help them grow stronger as young women and become closer friends so that they can turn to each other in times of need.

So to help them start “bonding”, we bought some T-shirts in the colours assigned to our group ‘North Pine’ (purple and gold) and designed a logo and put it on their shirts along with their name.



I couldn’t just hand them out unwrapped but I didn’t have anything other than brown paper and some left over crochet cotton.  So that is what I used to wrap them all.


We gave them to the girls on Tuesday and they loved them.  They all put them on and it seems as though the bonding has already begun.  We have a few other little things planned for them and when I get the chance after the weekend I’ll pop them up here too.

4 Responses to “Brown Paper Packages”

  1. Wow Amy they’re super cute! How did you make the shirts?

    • 2 becreativewithamy

      I forgot to put that bit in, sorry. The images are “iron on transfers”. We bought the transfer paper from Office Works. We designed the image on the computer then printed it onto the transfers and ironed them onto the shirts.

  2. Oh true? Gee they came out well didn’t they? The last time I attempted to use those (10 years ago) it looked rather dodgy. But these ones are awesome! 😀

  3. 4 Lynda

    Amy these are amazing and I am sure the girls will go nuts fot them too.

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