Birthday treat


My daughter’s birthday finally came and she loved her teepee (yay!) and had a great birthday party too.  As her birthday is only 6 days after her older brother they have never had her own parties because it was so easy to combine them.  This year I decided that I would do separate parties for them and it was fun.  A bit stressful dealing with kids hyped up on sugar and excitement but so much fun to do ‘themed’ parties.  My son had his Star Wars party and was happy to just run around the back yard with his costumed friends and eat lollies and cake.   But for my darling daughter I thought I’d make it ‘girly’ just because I could.

I used the bunting I made for her teepee as a decoration above the door and added some balloons in the similar colours.


I couldn’t stop there and then used the same colours to make party bags for the guests to take home with them.  Each child’s bag had their initial on it.  I’m quite pleased with them.  The kids just wanted the lollies inside but the mums appreciated my efforts.  I must say that it was cheaper to make these than it was to buy star wars ‘loot bags’ and much more rewarding.


Since this was a girly party we had to have some jewellery.  Crafty jewellery that is.  I cut out strips of cardstock in colours to match the ‘theme’ and also stamped some images in those same colours.  I punched and cut them out and the children all got stuck into making their own bracelets.  I must say the girls enjoyed themselves the most but the boys were in there too.  I think they used more pink than the girls.


And to finish off the party we had a delicious chocolate cake iced with the most awesomely pink icing ever.  I think I’ve eaten too much as I’m a bit hyped up on the sugar myself.  It has been a great week of birthdays, parties and fun.  Life is good.

4 Responses to “Birthday treat”

  1. Wow sounds like a fabulous party Amy! You’ve inspired me to make my next birthday party a themed one. Usually I just do games, lollies and cake… Oh dear.

  2. 2 Adele Francis

    How cute amy!!! I love love love the treat bags – and they look like something I could probably manage myself too!!! Awesome work!! thanks for sharing….

  3. 3 becreativewithamy

    Thanks for the kind words. You could both do it very easily. It was my first ‘real’ party and I survived it. I normally just invite the kid’s friends to the park and have a cake so this was going all out in a big way!

  4. 4 Lynda

    For ur first “real’ party Amy…girlfriend…U KICKED IT!!! It looked like everyone had a ball…and the loot bags are way cute. The magical combo of the colours the whole way thru (even the hyper icing!!) adds to the wonderful memories that u created. Well Done!!

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