3rd Creative Genius


Well I’ve shown you what my 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter have created now I’m going to show you something my nearly 8 year old son made.  It’s his birthday tomorrow and he is having a small party next week with a few friends.  He is such a Star Wars fanatic and wants a star wars themed party.  He also wanted to make his own invitations so I let him go for it.

The first thing he wanted was the Polka Dot background stamp to use for stars on a black base of cardstock.  Next he wanted some planets so he grabbed my circle circus stamp set and chose a few different sizes and a few different colours to stamp with.  He wanted a spaceship and the only one I have is from the Pun Fun set so that is what he used.  He only inked the image and not the writing as he ‘didn’t need that.’  Those were his words.  With a few of my markers he coloured the spaceship in.  His next choice was to have the spaceship mounted onto a couple of layers.  The white then the black.


Once I’d helped with the cutting out he did the assembling.  He wanted everything “lifted up” so he used dimensionals to raise all the layers.  The finishing touch was to stick on the spaceship.  I tried so hard not to tell him what to do through out the creative process but I was about to open my mouth and suggest he put the spaceship on an angle so it looks like it’s blasting off but he did it anyway.  That’s my boy!


So this whole card was designed by him and made by him.  I’m so proud and suprised that he watches me so closely that he knows about all the little things.  He even knows the names of the stamp sets.

4 Responses to “3rd Creative Genius”

  1. too cute!!!!

  2. 2 Lynda

    Hey Amy…I have the PERFECT thing for a Star Wars dude…I e mail u the links!! I think u may have some stiff competition coming thru there. It’s an awesome effort. Pls pass on my congrats to him!!!

  3. 3 Bev Cowan

    uh oh…… (he knows the names of the stamp sets???!?!?!?)

    Great effort – what a clever boy!

  4. Well done! Clearly your creative genes are shining through. What a lovely job he did.

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