I love my kids – part 2


My sweet 5 year old daughter said to me the other day, in all seriousness, ‘Mum, when I grow up to be a mum I hope I have as many stamps as you.’  I thought how wonderful that she wants to be like me but then I thought “oh, no!  I hope she isn’t addicted to stamping already”.

She loves getting involved with my craft things and is really quite artistic.  Last week she made these awesome people out of scraps of paper.  A little scary I know but the thought she put into it and the details she has included are great. They each have hats and hair and shoes and handbags and even a drink bottle in their handbags.

Paper Family

I love how she has even decorated the hat by cutting a heart out and then adding a circle in the center like a button.  Again a little scary but imaginative

Paper Mum

This “family” was great but when she made a family of ants and made them some food out of little pieces of torn paper I wasn’t too happy about the mess that those ‘ants’ made when they were ‘feeding’.  Oh, well.  nothing a quick sweep and vacuum couldn’t fix!

Paper Ant Family


2 Responses to “I love my kids – part 2”

  1. 1 Katrina

    I love it!

  2. 2 Lynda

    Too cute Amy. Melts my heart to see another Craftin’ addict comin’ thru the ranks…LOL!!! Funnily enough my 8yo SON is showing more than a morbid curiosity for my crafting things and the stuff I do at the w’shop. Cherish and encourage all that she wishes and she will go fm strength to strength.

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