Being a good mum


I had my kids home from school today because I felt too unwell to get out of bed and take them.  But at lunch time I thought that I better be a good mum give them something a bit more nutritious than jam on bread.  One step further is grilled cheese and tomato on toast.  So that’s what they got.

It did take me 2 attempts to get it right though.  Here is my first effort!


I was feeling too lazy to bend down and get the toaster out of the cupboard so I thought I’d be creative (that is the name of my blog after all) and toast the bread under the grill.  While it was toasting I decided to quickly check my email.  I came back out to find the kitchen looking a little hazy and when I opened the oven this is what greeted me.  Oops!  My second attempt was much better as I stayed right there and watched it very closely.



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