I love my kids


You’ve probably worked out that I take my photos of my cards on the floor because there are always tile lines and skirting boards in the pictures.  Well today I was taking photos and I had to go answer the phone and this is what I came back to.


My nearly 3 year old had decided that he wanted me to take some photos of his things too.  He is obsessed with Star Wars and in particular Star Wars lego (that’s what he thinks Star Wars is – just lego) so he had carefully set a few things up in front of my card.  He had even managed to wrap the string around the card so that it was well and truly stuck there to be part of the photo.

DSC07862 DSC07859 DSC07858

After I had taken the first photo he had to set up another display.  He grabbed all his ‘men’ and made sure they had the right heads on them before he put their helmets on and then set a couple of them up again.  What a cheeky little boy he is.  I love him!


3 Responses to “I love my kids”

  1. 1 Sam

    That is so cute!!! He did a great job of displaying the card, how talented!

  2. Awwwww, what a cutie! I have a six and a half year old Star Wars Lego freak here. Gorgeous card too!

  3. 3 Lynda

    Too darn cute…now teach him how to stamp Amy….LOL!!! I have a LEGO nut here (9) and anytime where there are long silences…I can find him pouring over it for hours.

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