Bean Bag Bunnies


I’ve put aside my stamps for a day and made these cute little bunnies instead. Our church had an activity for children aged up to 12 and had a “store” where they could buy items with the reward “money” they had collected for being good during church.  Each of the parents were asked to donate some things that the children would like to buy.  I thought this would be a cute little reward for the children as they have a reverence rabbit at church to remind them to be reverent and I know every parent would love to have such a reminder at home to keep their children quiet and still every now and then.

I know I’ve shown you some before but this time I have better photos and there are more bunnies too.  They’ve multiplied!  Each bunny measures approximately 15cm from tip of ear to end of leg.  They each have ‘pellets’ in the feet and body to enable it to sit easily and it also acts as a weight so it can really be used as a bean bag!

Bean Bag Bunnies 10

Just click on a picture to enlarge it.

Cost of 1 bunny – $12  Colours will vary and may be customized .

If you want to buy one of these bunnies please email me at or if you want to make one yourself I will gladly email you the pattern.


2 Responses to “Bean Bag Bunnies”

  1. 1 Lynda

    WAAAAAAYYYYYYY cute bunnies Amy. I have 2 bunnies of my own….Energiser Bunnies!!! LOL. U did an excellent job and I am sure they sold v v well. V talented lass!!

  2. 2 Carolyn

    Dear Amy,

    Your Bean Bag Bunnies are gorgeous. I love them as I do your other projects!

    If you don’t mind, would you email me your pattern. It would make an excellent project for a group of teenage girls I know!

    Thanking you so kindly 🙂


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