I’ve found Heaven


Well actually my sister showed it to me.  I have now wasted away too much of my day looking at this amazing blog and taking in all the fantastic designs, colours and textiles that Heather Bailey has created.  Her blog is titled HELLOmynameisHeather and it is just so fantastic.  I know I’ve said this before but I’ll day it again, my first love was for sewing and creating with fabrics then I discovered Stampin’ Up! and fabric designs were put on hold.  What I love about Heather Bailey is that she is doing both so successfully and it is so inspiring.

I’m sure my sister’s real reason to tell me of this site was so that I would make some things to show her so that she wouldn’t have to make them herself if they were too hard.  (I think I’m onto you Trina!)  This is the one she pointed out to me today and of course I just had to make it straight away.  I dropped everything else and got right into it.  It is a paper globe and the free pattern can be found on her blog in the side bar under free patterns.  Paper Globe

I don’t know if mine is a good as Heather Bailey’s (I know the photography isn’t as good) but I really like it.  I can just see the possibilities for this creation.   My first is as a Christmas decoration as I’m doing my whole “Christmas in July ” thing with my family.  And then just as a general decoration once Christmas is over.  I don’t think that I will ever put them away once they take their place in my home.  For this one I have used some of the Riding Hood Red Designer Series Patterns Paper with a length of striped Riding Hood Red ribbon to hang it from.  They can also be made into a topiary for table decorations etc.  Oh, the possibilities……… Like I said, I’ve found heaven!


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  1. 1 Lynda

    Wow Amy…I see what u mean…just skipped over there and MAN!!! Q…Did u go off her template or just supplement a 2″ circle or similar?? Either way…It looks awesome and it has taken right of place in my ‘gunna file’. LOL!!

  2. 2 becreativewithamy

    I made it at the original size out of plain copy paper and the total size is 5″. I thought that would use too much DS paper so I down sized it and made it fit to an A4 size which I ran through the printer and cut each circle out by hand as I don’t have any circle cutting dies etc.

    I’ll email the smaller version to you and you just need to cut your paper down to A4 size to fit in your printer. Make sure you print on the side that will be hidden inside the globe. Doing it this way means that all the markings for scoring and folding are on each circle and you don’t need to transfer them off the template onto each circle.

    If that is too complicated then just resize the template on Heather Bailey’s blog so that the diameter of the circle is 5cm or leave it at the original size.

    It all sounds complicated when I read back over it. Just let me know if you want to try my way and I’ll send the email through.

  3. 3 Katrina

    I love it Aim! Well done! And perhaps you might be on to me………

  4. 4 pixiidust

    Hey Amy, You need one of our Heather Bailey bags!!! WE have Pop Garden and Daisy Chain (Pop Daisy). Jane and I love Heather Bailey too! Did you visit the store? http://www.heatherbaileystore.com/

    • 5 becreativewithamy

      I did look at the store and spent too long there as well. I check out your bags but I think I’ll stick with the French School House bag I already bought off you. I have it hanging on my bedroom door and just look at it every now and then because it’s so cute. Thanks.

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