Addicted to Sewing again


I recently pulled out my sewing machine after a long absence due to my stamping addiction.  I only pulled it out to hem my husbands new work pants but since then everything I look at reminds me of sewing and I keep thinking “oohhh. I’d like to make that!”

A friend of mine added to this feeling by showing me this georgeous photo of her grandson.  I made the teddy for her to give to him as a present when he was born.  In this photo he is only 9 days old. What a cutie! 


His 6 year old brother was a good guardian for teddy too.  Before the baby was born he kept the teddy with him to keep it safe until his baby brother came along.

Just this week I have decided to tackle my first quilt.  I’ve been meaning to start quilting for real but just as I bought my first quilt pattern I also bought my first stamp set and the ease and speed of creating a card outweighed the desire to start a huge sewing project.  But this week is it.  I bought the materials needed and have already cut it all out.  The photo doesn’t do it justice but the fabrics are really pretty and I’m hoping there is enough material left over to use for other projects.  Here is the quilt  lay-out. 


I’m planning on giving this as a present at a baby shower.  I have this wierd habit of giving everything I make away and I don’t take pictures so I don’t even remember half the things I’ve made.  This time there will be photos and I’ll show the finished project before Saturday next week because that’s when the baby shower is!


One Response to “Addicted to Sewing again”

  1. 1 Kelly

    Wow Amy, I love the quilt top! Veeeery nice. Did you say it was a pattern? Where did you get the pattern from?

    I can’t wait to see the finished version!

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