Family Home Evening Chart

In our family we have one night a week where we have family time together to help us stay strong as a family and have fun together. We are each assigned a different task in the running of the evening. To help us remember who’s on what job I have made a chart of sorts.

These pictures are of charts that I have done for other families as presents. I actually haven’t made one for myself as I keep giving them away. I have to make 1 for a family member for christmas and another 2 more for friends. I don’t know where I’m going to find the time! I better stop typing and do it now.

I just added a couple more photos of the assignments and hearts. The photos don’t show the hearts too well but they have each person’s name stitched on them and they are stitched together around the outside with a running stitch.

I got the idea from my sister who had the pattern for the house and then we both made up the rest of the design individually. The chart my sister did looks very different to mine even though we both had the same ideas.

One Response to “Family Home Evening Chart”

  1. 1 Sandi

    can I see a close up of the hearts and assignments. It’s so cute did you design it yourself?

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