Baby Bunnies


These bunnies are so cute (at least I think so anyway). The finished bunny is only 15cm from top of the head to bottom of the foot.
I started by making the little pink one being held in the hand for my daughter but then so many people commented on how cute it was that I have been selling them. I sell them through a shop called Lilly Cottage in Old Petrie town or those that know me just get them straight from me.
I’ve even made them for our women’s group at church. When a mum has a new baby we have been making a baby quilt to give to them and I then I make a bunny out of the same fabric so it matches. They are the perfect size for little babies to grab onto and play with.

5 Responses to “Baby Bunnies”

  1. 1 LoveLea

    So cute – your photos are great!

  2. 2 Amy

    Thanks Leana.

  3. 3 Kelly

    Amy, I am loving your blog! You are extremely talented! I love the baby bunnies, but since I’m a novice sewer, I have no idea how to make them myself. I was wondering if you could post some instructions or even a basic outline of how to make them? Pretty please with icing sugar on top???

  4. 4 Amy

    I can do that Kelly. The bunny that is pictured is quite small and it is a bit fiddly so it is probably eaier to make a bigger bunny to start with by just enlarging the pattern to the size you want.

    I’ll have to do the pattern up properly along with instructions. Hopefully I can do it tonight but who knows how long it will take with kids making a mess everywhere! I’ll post it up as soon as I get it done.

  5. 5 Jane

    wow what a great photo as well as a great bunny, that is gorgeous fabric too:)

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